Why leather sofas peel

Bury the thought of leather sofas being destructible; if you take good care of them, they would last a lifetime. There are lots of myths flying around concerning leather sofas nowadays, and this can be sometimes disturbing, it doesn’t come as much surprise—leather couches are quite very popular, and so misconceptions are bound to arise. Genuine leathers are gotten from […]

Versatility of leather sofas: from furniture to handbag

Fun fact, leather sofas can be anything and everything you want them to be. While this may not sound like anything you want to believe, it is absolutely the truth. That leather sofas are versatile is no longer news to most house owners—from meeting points for impromptu family discussions to playgrounds for kids and points to relaxation centers for lovers […]

Implementing Feng Shui for your home office

For several millennia, the Chinese practice of feng shui has being a great way to boost productivity. It involves organizing your immediate environment such that every object seamlessly synchronizes and stimulates positive energy. According to this ancient Chinese principle, the right use of feng shui can boost your creativity, enhance your productivity, and consequently, improve your earnings.  There are two […]