For several millennia, the Chinese practice of feng shui has being a great way to boost productivity. It involves organizing your immediate environment such that every object seamlessly synchronizes and stimulates positive energy. According to this ancient Chinese principle, the right use of feng shui can boost your creativity, enhance your productivity, and consequently, improve your earnings. 

There are two major challenges with working from home: effectively working without interference from your home life, and lack of motivation which you would normally get from your colleagues at work. However, a right application of the feng shui philosophy can help you make the most of it.

Get the right location

One of the major feng shui guidelines is to separate your workspace from your bedroom. Many have also found that having totally separate entrance into your home office could boost concentration. However, this depends on the architectural structure of your house. If yours doesn’t allow this, create a form of demarcation so that your eyes do not roll to your bed from time to time.

Put up some inspirational Décor

Consider those things that stimulate your creativity and productivity when you’re setting up your home office. A painting, inspirational color theme, images, quote frames, or an important career memorabilia. Whatever makes you feel happy, successful or consistently motivated is good for you. So, feel free to decorate your home office to your liking. 

Natural  air and light

Whatever you do, always make sure that you give allowance for natural air and light. These two are great stimulants of natural energy. Don’t starve your brain of oxygen, neither should you deprive your body of natural light. However, if your office location cannot afford you these, try putting some full-spectrum lights and some office plants to purify the air.

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Keep your desk simple and free from unnecessary objects. Allow the space, free yourself from irrelevances. 

With these tips, you can boost your productivity and achieve more from your home office.

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