No one tells us when it’s time to replace our deodorant, toothbrush, or beverages, because the expiry dates are always written boldly on the pack so we all know when it’s time to replace them. But when it comes to furniture, it’s hard to really tell when it’s time for a replacement.

The sofa is one of the most important furniture in the home, so paying close attention to it will help you know when you need a replacement. That said, we’ve compiled a list to help you know when you’re due for a new sofa.

Living room space

Imagine getting your leather sofa when you were newly married, but now you have two kids and a dog, obviously, you might need a bigger sofa to fit your growing family. If your apartment can no longer accommodate your sofa, then you’re due for a replacement. Imagine if you lived in a very large apartment, but due to some reasons, you had to move to a smaller one, your large sofa will make the new room look crammed. Or you might even have an apartment upgrade from small one to a large one; this will make your small sofa look out of place, so you’ll need to get a new one.

Creaking sound

When your sofa starts making a harsh and unpleasant noise, then you know something is wrong. Most times, this noise comes up when one sit on the couch. It can be as a result of a weakened metal spring, or a problem with the sofa joints.

Irremovable stain

We always advise that you pay close attention to your sofa fabric before purchasing one, especially if you’re a coffee lover, or one with kids and pets. When your sofa has stain that have proven so hard to remove, you might consider getting a new one.

A change in trend/ theme

Years ago, you probably got the trendiest and fanciest sofa, but now, it’s out of trend and unused by many, this can be enough reason to get a new one. Also, if you’re considering changing your living room theme, your current sofa might not fit in anymore, so you’ll need to get a new one.

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