Leather sofas are one of the easiest to clean. You can save yourself the stress of regular scrubbings and thorough cleansing by getting a high-quality leather couch. And even though they cost a little more, their durability and ease of care are definitely worth the price.

Having the right leather is the first step, but that’s not all there is to moisturizing your leather sofa. As a matter of fact, it is important you check out the details of warranty before layinga finger on the sofa at all. Some manufacturers indicate the kind of moisturizers or leather cleaners to use on the sofa. Others don’t. They may only instruct you to use leather sofa moisturizers that are professionally manufactured, instead of the regular homemade stuff. Bottom line is, don’t use any other moisturizer than what is recommended by the manufacturer.

When moisturizing your leather sofa, add some conditioner and brush the furniture with a neat dust cloth, white preferably. (Dyes from colored clothes can stain your couch. So stick with white). Use a clean towel to apply the conditioner. Then massage the moisturizer into the leather and wipe away excesses.

Once you’re done moisturizing, get a different towel and shine the leather into a sparkle.

Keeping your leather dry is as important as getting it moisturized. Avoid rubbing the sofa too hard when applying liquids and creams—you might lose your leather in no time.

While it is not entirely safe to use soaps for moisturizing, you can work with natural baby soaps. They don’t have colorants or dyes, and that’s good enough. One basic step to follow is to add a tablespoon of a natural baby soap and some drops of vinegar to one quart of warm water.  Dampen a rag in the solution, squeeze it properly and begin wiping your couch.

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