So, you want to make your own DIY leather sofa? Or you just fancy the idea of leather sectional sofa making? Sure, it sounds fun. Fun and difficult, if you ask me.

You see, the process of leather sectional sofa making is not a project that is as simple as it looks. Without substantial training coupled with great skills, you cannot do so much. Thanks to the internet, finding a supplier of quality leather material is not as difficult as it used to. With about $1000 or less (or more), you can get as much leather as you need to embark on your sofa making escapade.


In addition, you require uniquely different tools as well as techniques for cutting through the leather material and sewing it together. This is not like cutting or sewing fabric. Leather requires more detailed precision and attention. Hides are another thing that require as much attention.

Often times, hides come in a form of irregular shape and imperfect structure. But you must be able to cut them around to find the perfect fit for you. There is also a likelihood that the hides might also have some blemishes inflicted by insect bites, holes, or barbed wire scratches. Some brands might even inflict a blemish or put an insignia on the hides.

Now, here’s where you should pay close attention. When it comes to cutting the hide to taste, chances are that you’re more likely to lose a large amount of the material is for you don’t have proper experience in leather cutting and making. For a skilled leather cutter, you might manage to only waste about 20% of the hide. But an inexperienced leather cutter can waste as much as 50% of the whole hide all in the name of trying to get the perfect cut.

There are also specific techniques for sewing leather. My verdict is this, if you’re truly willing to make a leather sectional sofa on your own, then you must know that your mistakes can be expensive. Literally!

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