Sofas have universal usage. Irrespective of the type of room, you cannot go wrong with planning a sofa into your living room furniture. Many things may inform your choice of sofa for interior décor. However, when it comes to home décor, you always want to portray a good image of your home, and by extension, yourself.


Italian Leather sofas help you make a statement of elegance more than any other sofa type. If luxury and comfortable find themselves in one sentence, it must be about Italian leather sofas. Italian leather sofas come from vegetable tanning and have full-grain hides. These processes make the sofa soft and very comfortable.

Here are a few types of Italian leather sofas you should consider for your living room furniture.

Modular sofa

You can also refer to this sofa type as a sectional sofa.The modular sofa is a sofa divided into seat pieces. These pieces may form a straight line or a U or L shape.

Modular Italian sofas are notable for excellent leather and modern designs. They are also suitable for homes with large spaces.

Sofabeds: Italian sofabeds are a great pick if relaxation and comfort are at the centre of your home décor. With Italian sofabeds, you can accommodate emergency guests or even fall asleep while watching TV. The sofabed is good for all room sizes.

Recliners: Topping the list of comfortable Italian leather sofas is the recliner. The recliner has a backrest and footrest that occupants can adjust for comfort. Italian leather recliners are more comfortable than regular recliners and are perfect for living rooms.

When choosing an Italian leather sofa, you should pay attention to make sure the color fits into your room space. Asides from that, you should also consider your budget and get a design that is both top-notch and cost-effective.

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