Fun fact, leather sofas can be anything and everything you want them to be. While this may not sound like anything you want to believe, it is absolutely the truth. That leather sofas are versatile is no longer news to most house owners—from meeting points for impromptu family discussions to playgrounds for kids and points to relaxation centers for lovers and friends to sleeping pieces for overnight visitors, there’s hardly any purpose they don’t serve in the home (don’t try cooking your meals on them please!).


You may not know, but that old, worn-out leather couch you detest seeing—the one you’re considering kicking to the curb—can become a resource for new inventions. Best believe, you can transform your once-glorious leather furniture into a good-looking handbag. Learn how here!

First and foremost, be sure your kid understands why you are doing this, and they don’t assume the destiny of every furniture made of leather is to be ripped into ridiculous pieces. You don’t want to get back from work to find your baby carrying out ‘knife experiment’ on your new sofa.

After you must have cleared all doubts, remove all leathers from the couch using a utility knife and a seam ripper. Then, square up larger pieces and trim off odd corners.

 Now, you’re probably unsure what shape or dimension of bag you want to make. You may just want to square up edges to get something out of the little leather pieces you have on ground. Make some sort of cylinder shape out of a piece, then set it all up.

Next, apply a couple of glue cans in it and widen the middle a little bit. You can now glue and stitch the bottom onto the cylinder. Add a zipper and handle, some lining, and a final assembly. And your handbag is ready for use.

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