Bury the thought of leather sofas being destructible; if you take good care of them, they would last a lifetime. There are lots of myths flying around concerning leather sofas nowadays, and this can be sometimes disturbing, it doesn’t come as much surprise—leather couches are quite very popular, and so misconceptions are bound to arise.

Genuine leathers are gotten from animal skin and they require a whole lot of maintenance and moisturizing. It is true that leather sofas are easy to clean and protect, but once you fail to moisturize them and they begin to dry out, they are likely to peel. You need to apply furniture cleaners or conditioners on your couch regularly to keep the leather dampened, and the humidity levels of surrounding areas should not be too low.

On some occasions, the peeling or cracking may not be from the leather itself. It could be the finish on the top of the sofa. When you clean or wipe your leather couches with the wrong products (especially those containing chemicals and solvents), they may start to peel off. Baby wipes can also cause damage to your furniture if they are applied excessively—the chemicals in them melt away and scrape the leather’s topcoat. That they are safe for babies does not make them safe for leathers.


Another reason why leathers peel is poor quality. Bonded leathers have more tendencies to peel off or crack than genuine leathers. They are obviously not real, any slight movement or dragging on them might expose what is under the leather. You should go for sofas with genuine leather. With reasonable care and proper maintenance, they would remain intact for life.

In all, it is important that you ensure proper maintenance for your leather sofas and keep them moist always. Clean them with correct products and you’ll live to enjoy your investment.

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