Leather is everywhere, from your living room to your wardrobe to your office space. While a lot of persons may be familiar with leather shoes, leather sofas, and the likes, just a few are aware of the thousand other products that are actually made with leather.

Now. Let’s talk about leather: is it totally distinct from Rexine or there’s just a slight difference between them?

Leather is a natural material and is mainly gotten from the skin of animals. As earlier said, there’s a wide variety of accessories that can be made with such materials (the most popular being the leather sofa) and they are not all the same in quality.

Talking of quality, the type of leather used determines the quality of the product. Leathers are generally of four main types: the full grain, top grain, corrected grain, and bonded leathers; and even though they are all gotten from the same general source—animal skin, they all differ in finishing. Apart from finishing, the breed and other circumstances around the animal go a long way in influencing the quality of leathers. Animals bred in very rich environments, with the best of treatments and all that, are likely to produce leathers that are higher in quality than the others.


Rexine is basically the registered trademark of an artificial leather cloth fabric made in the UK by Rexine Ltd of Hyde, which is situated very close to Manchester, England. The product is made of cloth topped with a blend of cellulose nitrate, pigment, alcohol and camphor oil, and embossed to appear just like leather.

Make no mistake, rexine is not real leather. Regardless, it can be used as a material for bookbinding and for upholstery covering.

When shopping for leather sofas or any other material made with leather, it is advisable to always examine the products thoroughly to be sure they’re made with real leather.

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