The sight of a leather sofa alone is enough to get you on cloud nine. Believe it or not, there’s hardly any furniture piece that’s as sleek and durable as leathers sofas. And while they serve the sole purpose of providing sitting comfort to family and friends, they also go a long way in adding spice to any living room. But to keep your leather furniture looking good and feeling cushy, you need to show it some level of love.

You can care for your leather sofa by cleaning it regularly, and when it comes to cleaning, a lot of attention is required. You don’t have to break a bank to retain your furniture’s shine, with just a few natural products, your sofa can look just as sleek and presentable as it did when you first bought it. Check out some cleaning tips for leather sofas (using natural products) below:

Vacuum your leather sofa

The very first step to take when cleaning with natural products is to prepare the furniture. Furniture preparation is done by vacuuming debris and dust off the leather surface and ensuring that the sofa is ready for cleaning. Ensure to apply just as much pressure as is necessary so you don’t ruin your leather material with scratches.

Wipe down carefully

What comes after vacuuming is a careful wipe-down. Get a clean piece of cloth (preferably damp) and wipe down the entire surface of your couch to get rid of all loose dirt that may be hanging around.

Stain removal

At this point, you must have gotten the natural product you wish to use (whether alcohol or corn-starch and lemon juice or mild oil). But before proceeding to removing stains, apply a little portion on a small part of the sofa to check for discoloration. If product works for your couch, you can go ahead and apply on the stained parts of the sofa.

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