Except you have a phobia for colors, everyone loves splashy things. Even if you don’t do well with hue, you at least desire to live a colorful life. When it comes to home styling with modern leather sofas, the choice of color is key. From décor to upholstery, there’s never been a better time to be expressive with colors and shades you love the most. Check out some of the trending modern leather sofa colors you can expect to find on the market:

Deep Jewel Tones

Here’s one hot modern leather sofa color trend you don’t want to miss out on. Furniture with rich, bold jewel tones will completely transform your living space. With emerald greens, deep purples and all shades of blue (from sapphire to navy to teal) in your parlor, you’re sure to make every guest stare.

Pink shades

Pieces with pink colors are best for making your space feel warmer, softer, and a whole lot sweeter. Not everyone likes pink, and that’s quite understandable. If you aren’t really cool with the color, you can try out purple-y tones like mauve and lavender. They’d give your living room the facelift it deserves and make it just as beautiful as the many mansions in heaven.


Though only navy blue is mostly regarded a neutral, every other shade of blue have potentials for modern leather sofas. Highly versatile and flexible, it goes well with any kind of living room—whether small or large—and it can be used in a lot of different styles. With blue colored furniture, blending is quite easy. You can mix and match easily with different colors to beautify your space, though the shade of blue you choose determines if it would work as a statement piece or a neutral. In all, blue sofas are a recipe for class and elegance.

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